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Friendly Fire: The Illusion of Justice

TweetFriendly Fire: The Illusion of Justice, published in 2010, is memoir written by Adam Bereki. The book tells a harrowing story where ”truth is stranger than fiction.” The story is of an aspiring, young police officer who enters the Huntington Beach police force, but finds himself caught in a disastrous cycle when his colleagues catch wind of his sexual orientation… (more…)

Dong Cheng Wei

TweetDong Cheng Wei (simplified Chinese: 东城卫; traditional Chinese: 東城衛 biggest water bottle; pinyin: Dong Cheng Wei) is a Taiwanese rock band. It was an underground band that was formed during the band members’ high school years. It gain certained amount of popularity because of the success of the lead vocal, Jiro Wang and the TV appearances on KO One soccer… (more…)

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