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James Webb (historian)

TweetJames Charles Napier Webb (13 January 1946 – 9 May 1980) was a Scottish historian and biographer. He was born in Edinburgh, and was educated at Harrow and Trinity College, Cambridge water in a glass bottle. He is remembered primarily for his books The Harmonious Circle, The Occult Underground (originally titled Flight from Reason), and The Occult Establishment. In 1980… (more…)


TweetThe name Chlordane, or chlordan, is commonly used as both a specific chemical (with trans-and cis- isomers) and as a mixture of compounds (main components- heptachlor, chlordane, and nonachlor). This mixture, more specifically called technical chlordane, was first produced in the 1940s by Julius Hyman. Technical chlordane development was by chance, during a search for possible uses of a by-product… (more…)

Fourth metacarpal bone

TweetThe fourth metacarpal bone (metacarpal bone of the ring finger) is shorter and smaller than the third. The base is small and quadrilateral; its superior surface presents two facets, a large one medially for articulation with the hamate, and a small one laterally for the capitate. On the radial side are two oval facets, for articulation with the third metacarpal;… (more…)

Samuel Langevin

TweetSamuel Langevin (souvent surnommé Sam) est l’un des six personnages principaux de la série québécoise Tactik. Il est interprété par le comédien et improvisateur Pier-Luc Funk. Samuel est un joueur de soccer doué et il est d’ailleurs le fier capitaine de son équipe de soccer, l’Épik. Samuel n’a pas eu d’histoires d’amour tout au long des deux premières saisons, mais… (more…)

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