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La peli

TweetLa Peli (The Film) is a 2007 Argentine film directed by Gustavo Postiglione and starring Darío Grandinetti, Noelia Campo, Norman Briski, Carlos Resta, Raúl Calandra and Jazmín Stuart. It debuted in the 2007 Mar del Plata Film Festival, winning a Best Film nomination. Filming took place in Rosario, Santa Fe. Diego Simonney (Grandinetti) is a lonely man living by the… (more…)

Ambrosini Sagittario

TweetSAI-Ambrosini Die Ambrosini Sagittario war ein durch Strahltriebwerke angetriebener Abfangjäger des italienischen Flugzeugherstellers SAI-Ambrosini stainless steel drinking cups. Sie wurde auf der Basis der Ambrosini Super S-7, eines kolbenmotorgetriebenen Schulflugzeuges, bei Ambrosini Anfang der 1950er Jahre entwickelt running belts with water bottles. Als Antrieb war zunächst die französische Leichtturbine Turboméca Marboré II vorgesehen how do you tenderize steak. Die als… (more…)


TweetOGX Petróleo e Gás Participações S.A. is a Brazilian publicly listed oil and gas company belonging to the EBX Group. Prior to its 2013 bankruptcy filing, OGX was once Brazil’s second largest oil company by market value after Petrobras. The Canadian Pension Fund Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan owns 10.7% of company shares. OGX was founded in 2007. In June 2008… (more…)

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