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Enshō-ji (Nara)

TweetLe Enshō-ji (圓照寺 ou 円照寺?) est un complexe de temple bouddhiste situé à Nara powdered meat tenderizer, fondé par Bunchi, sœur de l’empereur Go-Mizunoo, en 1656. Avec le Chūgū-ji et le Hokke-ji, il est considéré comme l’un des trois Yamato Monseki (大和三門跡), c’est-à-dire temples impériaux, appartenant à l’école Myōshin-ji du Zen Rinzai] stainless steel water bottle online. Le temple sert… (more…)

HMS Doris (1808)

TweetHMS Doris was a 36-gun fifth-rate frigate of the Royal Navy that served between 1808 and 1829. She was the second ship of the Royal Navy to be named after the mythical Greek sea nymphe Doris. Doris was built for the Royal Navy in the East India Company Dockyard in Bombay in 1807. She was launched as Salsette, and was… (more…)

Cross of Lothair

TweetThe Cross of Lothair or Lothair Cross (German: Lotharkreuz) is a crux gemmata (jewelled cross) processional cross dating from about 1000 AD, though its base dates from the 14th century. It was made in Germany, probably at Cologne. It is an outstanding example of medieval goldsmith’s work, and ”an important monument of imperial ideology”, forming part of the Aachen Cathedral… (more…)

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