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Heribert Prantl

TweetHeribert Prantl (born 30 July 1953, in Nittenau) is a German journalist and jurist soften meat. He is the head of the domestic policy department of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Prantl was born in Nittenau in Bavaria on 30 July 1953. A stipendiary of the Catholic ”Cusanuswerk”, he studied law buy toothpaste dispenser, philosophy and history at the University of Regensburg… (more…)

Albert H. Friedlander

TweetAlbert Hoschander Friedlander (* 10. Mai 1927 in Berlin; † 7. Juli 2004 in London) war ein Rabbiner und Gelehrter. Friedlander wurde als Sohn des Textilkaufmanns Alex Friedlander (gest. 1955) und der Sali Friedlander (gest. 1965) in Berlin geboren, wo er die ersten zwölf Kindheitsjahre verbrachte. 1933 erfuhren er und seine Geschwister erste Anfeindungen in der Schule und entgingen mehrfach… (more…)

Donovan Bennett

TweetDonovan ”Bulbie” Bennett (c. 1964 – 30 October 2005) was a Jamaican criminal and gang leader of the Klansman (or Klans Massive) based in Spanish Town, St. Catherine. He was formerly listed by the Jamaica Constabulary Force as number one of Jamaica’s top ten most wanted criminals for over ten years before his death. Born in King Street, Spanish Town, Bennett… (more…)

Sophie Aldred

TweetSophie Aldred au magasin ”The Television & Movie Store”, le 2 février 2008 Sophie Aldred, née le 20 août 1962 à Greenwich, est une actrice et présentatrice de télévision anglaise, principalement connue pour avoir joué le rôle d’Ace dans la série télévisée de science fiction Doctor Who au cours des années 1980. Sophie Aldred est née dans le quartier de… (more…)

Anthony Clare

TweetAnthony Ward Clare (24 December 1942 – 28 October 2007) was an Irish psychiatrist well known in the UK and Ireland as a presenter of radio and TV programmes. Clare was born in Dublin, in the Republic of Ireland and educated at Gonzaga College. In 1966, he graduated from University College buy toothpaste dispenser, Dublin (UCD) where he was an… (more…)

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