C. D. B. Marsham

The Rev. Cloudesley Dewar Bullock Marsham (30 January 1835 – 23 March 1915) was an English amateur cricketer who played mainly for Oxford University Cricket Club best water bottles, The Gentlemen and England in the period between 1854 and 1866.

Marsham was born at Merton College, Oxford in 1835, the son of the Warden of Merton and a member of the extended family of the Earl of Romney. He was a student at Merton College and later became the rector of Harrietsham near Maidstone in Kent in 1888. His brothers, Charles and Robert both played first-class cricket for Oxford and MCC whilst his brother-in-law George Marsham made three first-class appearances for Kent County Cricket Club. His sons, Cloudesley Henry Bullock Marsham and Francis Marsham both played for Kent meat tenderizer wiki, the former captaining the county to their first County Championship in 1906, as did his grandson Algernon.

In 34 first-class matches, Marsham scored 602 runs at an average of 11.57 dry bag, and took 180 wickets with his medium-fast roundarm deliveries between 1854 and 1866. He was considered an excellent bowler for time, using his height effectively and bowling ”very straight” waterproof handphone case. In his obituary, Wisden described him as ”in his day, the best amateur bowler in England”. He played 11 times for Oxford University, ten times for The Gentlemen and four times for England as well as appearing in matches of teams such as the MCC and others. He made a number of non-first-class appearances for teams such as Harlequins, Free Foresters and I Zingari and played for Buckinghamshire County Cricket Club after his first-class career was over.

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Попов, Павел Степанович

26 августа 1842(1842-08-26)

7 декабря 1913(1913-12-07) (71 год)

Па́вел Степа́нович Попо́в (26 августа 1842 — 7 декабря 1913, Санкт-Петербург) — старший драгоман императорской дипломатической миссии в Пекине, синолог, член-корреспондент Петербургской Академии Наук (1890).

Сын священника Курской губернии. Окончил Курское духовное училище (1859), Курскую духовную семинарию (1865), затем курс в Санкт-Петербургском университете по факультету восточных языков (1870). Служил сначала студентом дипломатической миссии в Пекине, потом вторым (1873) и первым (1877) её драгоманом и генеральным консулом России в Пекине (с 1886). В 1897 году получил чин действительного статского советника.

В 1879 г. Попов издал «Русско-Китайский Словарь» (выдержал 3 издания).

В 1888 г. издал в Пекине «Китайско-Русский Словарь», начатый архимандритом Палладием glass sports water bottle, за этот труд получил звание члена-корреспондента Императорской академии наук.

В 1895 г. Императорским русским географическим обществом издан сделанный Поповым перевод сочинения: «Описание монгольских кочевий», удостоенный малой золотой медали.

В «Вестнике Европы» (октябрь и ноябрь 1897 г.) напечатана статья Попова: «Реформационное движение в Китае».

Отдельной брошюрой вышло «Описание Хэй-лун-цзиньской провинции», составленное Поповым на основании одного китайского сочинения (Владив running water bottle handheld., 1896).

В 1902 году его, находившегося уже в отставке, пригласили занять кафедру китайской словесности на факультете восточных языков Петербургского университета и, несмотря на отсутствие ученой степени, назначили на должность приват-доцента. В 1903—1904 учебном году он читал лекции вместе с Д. А. Пещуровым, а потом несколько лет один на всех курсах.

Павел Степанович Попов переводил древнекитайских философов, а также ряд исторических и лингвистических работ.

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Anne Vondeling

Anne Vondeling (* 2. März 1916 in Appelscha; † 22. November 1979 in Mechelen) war ein niederländischer Politiker (PvdA).

Vondeling besuchte eine Schule in Assen und studierte bis 1940 in Wageningen. Während des Zweiten Weltkriegs arbeitete er als Landwirtschaftsingenieur. Danach war er als Steuerberater tätig und promovierte an der Landwirtschaftlichen Hochschule in Wageningen. Von 1960 bis 1963 arbeitete er als Hochschullehrer an der Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

Von 1962 bis 1966 war Vondeling Parteiführer der PvdA und von 1969 bis 1971 deren Parteivorsitzender. Er gehörte der Zweiten Kammer der Generalstaaten von 1946 bis 1979 an, bis auf seine Amtszeiten als Minister: 1958 war er Minister für Landwirtschaft, Fischerei und Ernährung im Kabinett Drees III, von 1965 bis 1966 war er im Kabinett Cals Finanzminister und Stellvertreter des Premierministers aluminum water bottles. Er gehörte dem Europarat von 1959 bis 1962 an. Am 7 best toddler water bottle. Dezember 1972 wurde er zum Vorsitzenden der Zweiten Kammer gewählt, dieses Amt führte er bis zum Ausscheiden am 17. Juli 1979 aus.

1979 wurde Vondeling in das Europäische Parlament gewählt, starb allerdings nur wenige Monate nach der Wahl bei einem Autounfall im belgischen Mechelen. Nach ihm wurden die Anne-Vondeling-Stiftung sowie der Anne-Vondeling-Preis für politische Journalisten benannt.

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Robert of Bridlington

Robert of Bridlington (or Robert the Scribe) was an English clergyman and theologian.

Robert was an Augustinian canon at Bridlington Priory. He held the office of prior, the fourth to hold that office. He occurs as prior in documents dating to sometime between 1147 and 1156. He was out of office by 1159, and may have resigned the office rather than dying in office. The historian Richard Sharpe gives his death date as after 1154. The sixteenth-century antiquary John Leland recorded that Robert was buried in the cloister of the priory near the doors of the chapter house. According to Leland the inscription on his monument read ”Robertus cognomento Scriba quartus prior” or ”Robert surnamed Scribe fourth prior”. Leland saw copies of his works in the priory library, and his alternate name ”the Scribe” arose from the number of writings that he authored.

Robert wrote a number of works of biblical commentary, some of which survive and some which are not extant. He is occasionally confused with another contemporary author who was Augustinian canon – Robert of Cricklade, who was prior of St Frideswide’s Priory in Oxfordshire. Robert of Bridlinton’s surviving works include a commentary on the Book of Exodus, which survives in two manuscripts, a commentary on the minor prophets, surviving in three copies, a commentary on the Pauline Epistles in two extant copies, and a commentary on the visions in the Book of Revelation, surviving in two manuscripts. The work on Revelation may have been by Robert of Cricklade. None of these works have been published yet.

Robert’s works that do not survive include a commentary on the Book of Genesis, one on the Book of Leviticus, a commentary on the Book of Numbers, a treatise on the Book of Deuteronomy, a commentary on the Gospel of Matthew, a work on the Gospel of John bag cover waterproof, a work entitled De corpore et sanguine Domini, and a treatise entitled De ecclesia catholica. Robert is known to have written a commentary on the Book of Psalms, which may be the same as a work at Syon known as ”Bridlyinton super Psalterium” (MS F.20) could be by Robert, and this may be the same work as two other manuscripts – one held in the British Library (MS Royal 3 B.xi) and the other at the Durham University in the Library most popular water bottles. (MS CosinV.V. 19)&nbsp water bottles for sale;– but these are not securely ascribed to Robert. A work titled Dialogus in regulam S. Augustini has been published as The Bridlinton Dialogue and ascribed to Robert electric clothes shaver, but further research by M. L. Colker has argued that this work can be dated to after Robert’s lifetime and thus is not by Robert. A work on the Lord’s Prayer is often ascribed to Robert but this rests entirely on the witness of John Bale in the sixteenth-century and is not considered to be correct. J. C. Dickinson concurred with Colker’s conclusions, arguing that the Robert’s works show contacts with continental scholarship that is lacking in the Dialogus.

The historian Beryl Smalley considered Robert to be a compiler as an author, and that he worked within a conservative framework for his scholarship.

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Melocanna baccifera

The Chittagong forest bamboo, (Melocanna baccifera), is one of two bamboo species belonging to the Melocanna genus. It grows up to 10-25 m tall. It is native to Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, and Thailand.

It is tall, small-culmed bamboo with greenish young culms and straw-colored old culms. It grows in clumps composed of many well-spaced culms. It has a dense appearance due to its branching habit.

Culms are greenish when young, but becomes straw-colored when mature or brownish green when drying. Young culms are covered with stiff, silver hairs. A white bloom occurs just below the nodes. Young shoots are yellowish brown. The culms are straight; branching occurs from the base, and branches are many, short, loose, and open. Internode length is 25-50 cm best fanny pack for running, and diameter is 1.5-15 cm. Culm walls are thin. Nodes are prominent.

Culm sheaths are greenish in young plants, and turn brown when mature. The sheath proper is 7-15 cm long and 2.5-15 cm wide. Blade length is 10-30 cm retro footy shirts. The auricles are equal. The upper surface of the sheath is covered with white hairs or may not. The lower surface of the sheath is not hairy. Sheaths do not fall off, only blades fall off.

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betydelsen av hjärta hälsa

ditt hjärta är i centrum av din kardiovaskulära systemet, och det är ytterst ansvarig för allt som ger kroppen liv – – som sträcker sig från transport av syre till framgång i immunsystemet.men maten du äter och den mängd aktivitet som du väljer att ta del i dramatiskt kan påverka den allmänna hälso – och sjukvården i ditt hjärta och många andra vävnader som gör din kardiovaskulära system.
ditt blodtryck är ett område av hjärta hälsa som måste kontrolleras regelbundet och regleras.högt blodtryck eller hypertoni, kan påverkas av din totala vikt, särskilt när ni når en body mass index till 30 eller högre.det är klassificerat som feta.extra fet ökar ditt hjärta har att utföra för att pumpa blod över hela kroppen.det är svårare att ditt hjärta är, desto mer tryck släpps ut på väggarna i dina artärer, vilket kan öka risken för blodkärl skador.att sänka din kroppsvikt med så lite som 5 till 10 procent kan sänka blodtrycket och öka ditt hjärta hälsa.
kontrollera ditt kolesterol spelar också en viktig roll i hjärta hälsa. det minskar din risk för hjärtsjukdom, hjärtinfarkt och stroke.de två huvudsakliga typer av kolesterol är lipoproteiner med låg täthet… ldl – eller ”dålig” kolesterol – och högdensitetslipoprotein – kolesterol, hdl – eller ”bra” kolesterol.den ldl – kolesterol påträffas i livsmedel med högt innehåll av mättat fett, speciellt animaliska proteiner.när de konsumeras i höga nivåer av ldl – kolesterol i blodet kan bygga upp och calcify i svår plaque -.den här plaketten gör det svårt för blodet att cirkulera genom de berörda artärer, ökar risken för kardiovaskulära skador.
ta hand om ditt hjärta också påverkar din omsättning.bra omsättning som behövs för att transportera syre och näringsämnen till de många olika celler i kroppen.utan ordentlig omsättning, vävnader dör, vilket kan resultera i amputationer eller död, beroende på vad vävnader får inte tillräckligt med syre.högt blodtryck, kolesterol plack och andra hjärtsjukdomar kan påverka kroppens förmåga att transportera blod effektivt över hela din kropp.
för att hålla ditt hjärta friska, din kropp behöver tillräckliga mängder utöva åtföljs av ett hjärta hälsosam kost.få minst 30 minuter, fem dagar i veckan.en hjärtvänlig diet består av de flesta av dina kalorier som kommer från grönsaker, frukt och fiberrik mat som baljväxter och hela korn.dessa livsmedel tillsammans med måtta av magert proteiner, särskilt fisk, liksom med mejeriprodukter, nötter och frön.

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James Berry (poet)

James Berry, OBE (28 September 1924 – 20 June 2017) was a black Jamaican poet who settled in England in the 1940s. His poetry is notable for using a mixture of standard English and Jamaican Patois. Berry’s writing often ”explores the relationship between black and white communities and in particular, the excitement and tensions in the evolving relationship of the Caribbean immigrants with Britain and British society from the 1940s onwards”. As the editor of two seminal anthologies, Bluefoot Traveller (1976) and News for Babylon (1984), he was in the forefront of championing West Indian/British writing.

The son of Robert Berry, a smallholder, and his wife Maud, a seamstress, James Berry was born and grew up in rural Portland, Jamaica. He began writing stories and poems while still at school. During the Second World War, as a teenager, he went to work for six years (1942–48) in the United States, before returning to Jamaica. In his own words:

Settling in 1948 in Great Britain, he attended night school, trained and worked as a telegrapher in London, while also writing. He has been reported as saying: ”I knew I was right for London and London was right for me. London had books and accessible libraries.”

He became an early member of the Caribbean Artists Movement, founded in 1966 by Edward Kamau Brathwaite, Andrew Salkey and John La Rose, and in 1971 was its acting chair. In 1976 Berry compiled the anthology Bluefoot Traveller and in 1979 his first poetry collection, Fractured Circles, was published by New Beacon Books. In 1981 he won the Poetry Society’s National Poetry Competition, the first poet of West Indian origin to do so. He edited the landmark anthology News for Babylon (1984), considered ”a ground-breaking publication because its publishing house Chatto & Windus was ‘mainstream’ and distinguished for its international poetry list”.

Berry wrote many books for young readers, including A Thief in the Village and Other Stories (1987), The Girls and Yanga Marshall (1987) bpa free water bottles 1 liter, The Future-Telling Lady and Other Stories (1991), Anancy-Spiderman (1988), Don’t Leave an Elephant to Go and Chase a Bird (1996) and First Palm Trees (1997).

His last book of poetry, A Story I Am In: Selected Poems (2011), draws on five earlier collections: Fractured Circles (1979), Lucy’s Letters and Loving (1982 buy stainless steel water bottle, Chain of Days (1985), Hot Earth Cold Earth (1995) and Windrush Songs (2007).

In 1995, his ”Song of a Blue Foot Man” was adapted and staged at the Watford Palace Theatre Theatre.

In 1990, Berry was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for services to poetry. In September 2004 he was one of fifty Black and Asian writers who have made major contributions to contemporary British literature who featured in the historic ”A Great Day in London” photograph at the British Library. His archives were acquired by the British Library in October 2012. Among other items, the archive contains drafts of an unpublished novel, The Domain of Sollo and Sport electric shaver spares.

He died in London on 20 June 2017 after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

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Aeropuerto Internacional de Nador

El Aeropuerto Internacional de Nador es un aeropuerto en la provincia de Nador atendiendo a la ciudad de Nador, Marruecos (código IATA: NDR, código OACI: GMMW). Es también conocido por su nombre de Aeropuerto Internacional Al Aaroui. Nador es un pequeño aeropuerto internacional con vuelos a los principales aeropuertos de Marruecos y algunos aeropuertos (Alemania, Holanda, Bélgica, España). Es un aeropuerto bastante congestionado en verano debido a que muchos marroquíes viven en el oeste de Europa y los originarios de Nador vuelan a él. El aeropuerto de Nador está gestionado por el estado como el resto de aeropuertos públicos de Marruecos. Es utilizado principalmente por Royal Air Morocco y su filial Atlas Blue. En el año 2008 el aeropuerto atendió a más de 215

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.000 pasajeros.​ Es también utilizado por los visitantes a Melilla.

El Aeropuerto Internacional de Nador tiene una sola terminal, dividida en llegadas y salidas, ambas en la planta baja y complementan a la zona de uso público con instalaciones básicas como una cafetería, tapería y una pequeña tienda. La zona de facturación está a uno de los lados del recibidor principal de la terminal, mientras que el otro lado son las llegadas y recogidas de equipajes. Tras el control de pasaportes hay una sala de espera, una sala de fumadores y una pequeña capilla. La tienda libre de impuestos está cerrada. El embarque se efectúa a pie.

A las afueras de la terminal hay un aparcamiento de pago y -en la llegada de vuelos regulares- hay taxis disponibles que van a Nador y otros destinos. No existe ninguna otra clase de transporte público.

El aeropuerto se encuentra cerca de Taouima y a unos 30 km de Nador por carretera. No hay transporte público como trenes o buses regulares. En las horas de vuelo hay taxis esperando a las afueras de la terminal y ofrece tránsitos a la mayoría de ciudades de la región.​ Se encuentra un aparcamiento de pago a las afueras de la terminal principal. Las carreteras entre el aeropuerto y Nador están en buenas condiciones y, señalizadas en árabe y francés. El aeropuerto discurre directamente a lo largo de la ruta N2 (de Tánger a Oujda).

Al igual que otros aeropuertos marroquíes el de Nador es muy estacional. Durante todo el año, Royal Air Maroc, (en código compartido Atlas Blue) vuela varias veces a la semana a Bruselas y Ámsterdam, aunque en la temporada de verano hay más vuelos regulares. En los momentos punta, RAM a veces usa sus Boeing 747 todas las semanas en la ruta con Ámsterdam y Brussels en lugar del pequeño Boeing 737 que usa el resto del año.

Datos mensuales

La variación por temporada, basándose en las estadísticas mensuales de 2008, muestra un incremento de tráfico en verano:

En los dos meses de verano cerca de un tercio de los pasajeros pasan por el aeropuerto. Puesto que Nador y sus alrededores no son (todavía) un destino turístico como si son Agadir o Marrakesh casi todos sus usuarios son marroquíes (incluyendo a los de 2ª y 3ª generación) en visita a sus familiares.​

Estadísticas recientes

El aeropuerto tiene una pista de 3.000 metros de larga y 45 metros de ancha y puede manejar aviones comerciales tan grandes como un Boeing 747.​ El espacio de plataforma es de 54 make your own meat tenderizer.000 m² lo que pe mite albergar dos Boeing 747 y tres Boeing 737.

El aeropuerto posee un ILS de clase 1 y ofrece las siguientes ayudas a la navegación: VOR – DME – NDB

Las luces de PAPI están disponibles para aterrizajes por la cabecera 28

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Florent Vanvaerenbergh

Florent Vanvaerenbergh (Linden, 28 februari 1925 – Leuven, 4 mei 2007) was een Belgische ploegleider in de profwielrennerij van 1965 tot 1988. Hij nam de leiding waar van de ploegen Goldor (1965-1969), Hertekamp (1970-1971), Rokado (1972-1973), MIC (1974), Miko (1975-1976), Frisol (1977) bag for cell phone, Safir (1978-1985) en Eurotop (1988). Zelf was hij lid van Leuvense Stoempers how to wear football socks like a pro.

Eerder – sinds 1954 – was Vanvaerenbergh ploegleider bij meerdere Brabantse formaties van toenmalige liefhebbers en onafhankelijken. Onder zijn leiding won Eddy Merckx in 1963 de Ronde van Limburg voor amateurs best place to buy water bottles.

De meeste successen nadien bij de profs behaalde Vanvaerenbergh met de renners Willy Vekemans, Eric De Vlaeminck, Roger De Vlaeminck, Rik Van Linden, Georges Pintens, Herman Van Springel, Michel Laurent, Jan Raas, Noël Foré how tenderize beef, Albert Van Damme en Rolf Wolfshohl. Deze behaalden zowel successen op de weg als in het veld.

Daarnaast was Vanvaerenbergh actief betrokken bij de organisatie van de wedstrijd GP Jef Scherens. Later werd hij de bestuurder van de VTM-volgwagen.

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Wolfgang Dziony

Wolfgang Dziony (* 29. August 1949 in Elze) ist ein deutscher Musiker, der von 1965 bis 1973 als Schlagzeuger bei den Scorpions spielte.

Im Jahr 1965 gründete Dziony in Sarstedt zusammen mit dem Gitarristen Rudolf Schenker die Amateurband Nameless, die ein Jahr nach der Gründung in Scorpions umbenannt wurde. Nach langer musikalischer Pause ist er heute Mitglied der Coverband Ballroom Hamburg Allstars.

Lonesome Crow (1972) • Fly to the Rainbow (1974) • In Trance (1975) • Virgin Killer (1976) • Taken by Force (1977) • Lovedrive (1979) • Animal Magnetism (1980) • Blackout (1982) • Love at First Sting (1984) • Savage Amusement (1988) • Crazy World (1990) • Face the Heat (1993) • Pure Instinct (1996) • Eye II Eye (1999) • Moment of Glory (2000) • Unbreakable (2004) • Humanity – Hour I (2007) • Sting in the Tail (2010) • Comeblack (2011) • Return to Forever (2015)

Tokyo Tapes (1978) • World Wide Live (1985) • Live Bites (1995) • Acoustica (2001) • Live 2011 – Get Your Sting and Blackout (2011) • MTV Unplugged – in Athens (2013)

Best of Vol best running belt water. 1 (1979)  • Hot & Heavy (1982) • Best of Vol. 2 (1984) • Gold Ballads (1988) • Best of Rockers ’n’ Ballads (1989) • Still Loving You (1992) • Deadly Sting  (1995) • Deadly Sting – The Mercury Years (1997) • Best (1999) • Millenium Edition (2001) • Bad for Good – The Very Best of  (2002) • The Platinum Collection&nbsp purple glass water bottle;(2005) • Deadliest Stings (2008) • Icon (2010) • Icon 2 (2010) • Still in Trance (2012)

First Sting (1985) • World Wide Live (1985) • To Russia with Love and Other Savage Amusements (1988) • Crazy World Tour Live (1991) • Moment of Glory – Live (2000) • Acoustica (2001) • A Savage Crazy World (2002) • Unbreakable World Tour 2004 – One Night in Vienna (2005) • Live at Wacken Open Air 2006: A Night to Remember – A Journey Through Time (2007) • Amazonia – Live in the Jungle (2009) • Scorpions Live in 3D (Blu-Ray 3D) (2011) • MTV Unplugged – in Athens (2013)• Forever and a Day (2015)• Forever and a Day: Live in Munich (2016)

Is There Anybody There? • Lovedrive • Make It Real • The Zoo • Blackout • No One Like You • Still Loving You • Can’t Live Without You • Rock You Like a Hurricane • Big City Nights • Rhythm of Love • Passion Rules the Game • Don’t Believe Her • Wind of Change • Send Me an Angel • Alien Nation • Under the Same Sun • White Dove • Does Anyone Know • When You Came Into My Life • Where the River Flows • To Be No. 1 • Moment of Glory • You Are the Champion • Humanity • Raised on Rock • The Good Die Young • Still Loving You – Je t’aime encore (feat. Amandine Bourgeios) • Dancing with the Moolight / Where the River Flows  • We Built This House  • Eye of the Storm  • Going out with a Bang

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