Peach Princess

Peach Princess is a California-based English translator, publisher and distributor of Japanese bishōjo games. To date, all its releases have been adult games, which has made it one of the few companies in North America with games rated ”Adults Only” by the ESRB.

Many of Peach Princess’ releases, such as Brave Soul, Tokimeki Check-In costume football jerseys!, Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber, and the X-Change series, were developed by Crowd, a Japanese bishōjo game studio. Peach Princess is a subsidiary of JAST USA, owned by Peter Payne.

Its forums are one of the most common gathering places on the Internet for English-speaking fans of bishōjo games, even those not distributed by Peach Princess, and the company watches the posts in the forums to gauge opinions of current and potential future releases.[citation needed]

Peach Princess has published over 15 games in the United States. Every game of theirs published thus far has only been made available for Microsoft Windows le coq sportif outlet, something in large part due to all games with a rating of AO (for Adults Only) by the Entertainment Software Rating Board having been banned – by Sony and Microsoft both – on home console systems: The PlayStation and Xbox, respectively.

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