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Cooper–Harper rating scale

TweetThe Cooper–Harper rating scale is a set of criteria used by test pilots and flight test engineers to evaluate the handling qualities of aircraft during flight test. The scale ranges from 1 to 10, with 1 indicating the best handling characteristics and 10 the worst thermos drink bottle. The criteria are evaluative and thus the scale is considered subjective. After… (more…)

Перспективный лёгкий многоцелевой самолёт

TweetПерспективный лёгкий многоцелевой самолёт — проект турбовинтового самолёта (ТВС) для замещения Ан-2 в рамках Государственной программы по развитию малой авиации best lemon press. ФГУП СибНИА им. С. А. Чаплыгина в рамках означенного проекта продвигает программу ремоторизации самолёта Ан-2, суть которой заключается в замене поршневого двигателя АШ-62ИР на турбовинтовой Honeywell TPE331-12UAN взлётной мощностью 1100 л.с. Что даст переход на авиационный керосин,… (more…)

Sjef Hensgens

TweetJozef Hubertus Franciscus (Sjef) Hensgens (Wijlre, 27 januari 1948) is een voormalige Nederlandse middellange afstandsloper, die zich met name had toegelegd op de 800 m. Hensgens is drievoudig Nederlands kampioen op de 800 m en wel drie keer op rij: in 1969, 1970 en 1971. Hij nam eenmaal deel aan de Olympische Spelen, in 1972 in München, waar hij aantrad… (more…)

Cabin Fever (Lost)

Tweet”Cabin fever” (titulado ”Fiebre en la cabaña” en España) es el undécimo episodio de la cuarta temporada de la serie Lost, de la cadena de televisión ABC. Fue escrito por Elizabeth Sarnoff y Kyle Pennington, y dirigido por Paul Edwards. El episodio fue emitido en Estados Unidos y Canadá el 8 de mayo de 2008, consiguiendo reunir una audiencia media… (more…)

Football Manager 2013

TweetFootball Manager 2013 (often abbreviated to Football Manager 13, or more commonly FM13) is a 2012 football management simulation video game developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega. It was released on Microsoft Windows and OS X on 2 November 2012. Football Manager Handheld 2013 was subsequently published for PlayStation Portable on 30 November, and for iOS and Android… (more…)

Marble Blast Ultra

TweetMarble Blast Ultra is a 3D puzzle/action game involving a marble developed by GarageGames. It was released on January 25, 2006 for the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade remington electric shaver. It is the sequel to Marble Blast Gold. It features 60 levels, enhanced graphics, 2 new power-ups and a multiplayer mode. A PC port of the game under… (more…)

The Court of Last Resort

TweetThe Court of Last Resort is an American television dramatized court show which aired October 4, 1957 – April 11, 1958, on NBC. It was co-produced by Erle Stanley Gardner’s Paisano Productions, which also brought forth the long-running hit CBS-TV law series, Perry Mason. Its approach to dealing with potential miscarriages of justice in an entirely extra-judicial format was adopted… (more…)

Gray Crag

TweetGray Crag is a fell in the Lake District in Cumbria Seattle Sounders FC Second Away DEMPSEY 2 Jerseys BUY NOW $266.58 $31.99 , England. The fell reaches a height of 699&nbsp best college football uniforms;metres (2,293 feet) at the northern end of its summit ridge and this is the accepted highest point which gives the best views steak tenderizer tool,… (more…)

TweetBleep Limited is a British online music store focusing on the independent music sector. It was created by Warp Records and launched in January 2004. Bleep offers single track or whole album DRM-free mp3 and WAV downloads alongside vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, T-shirts and other merchandise initially from Warp’s catalogue. Since its launch, the range of music offered by Bleep… (more…)

Alfred Free

TweetAlfred H. Free (* 1913 in Ohio; † Mai 2000) war ein US-amerikanischer Chemiker mens dress socks wholesale, bekannt für die Entwicklung eines Urintests für Diabetes mit seiner Ehefrau Helen Free. Free studierte Chemie an der Miami University in Oxford mit dem Bachelor-Abschluss magna cum laude und wurde an der Western Reserve University in Cleveland in Biochemie promoviert make football… (more…)

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