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Zamek w Winnicy

TweetZamek w Winnicy – pierwotny zamek zbudowany przez Koriatowiczów, synowców Olgierda, wielkiego księcia litewskiego. Pierwszy zamek położony był w dzisiejszym starym mieście, za rzeką Boh kurtki bogner. W 1571 roku Bohusz Korecki, starosta winnicki wybudował drugi zamek na wyspie, którego ślady przetrwały do końca XIX wieku. Zamek ten został spalony przez Tatarów w 1580 roku. Wzniesiono więc trzeci zamek, o… (more…)


TweetCoordinates: 51°24′54″N 1°18′54″W / 51 Charming Prada Patent Saffiano Leather Bow Tote Bag Brown BUY NOW $863.39 $259.00 .415°N 1.315°W / 51.415; -1.315 Shaw-cum-Donnington is a civil parish in West Berkshire, Berkshire, England with all of its urban or suburban area immediately north of (contiguous with) the largest town in the district, Newbury. It comprises the villages of Shaw and… (more…)

Battle of Ascalon

TweetThe Battle of Ascalon took place on August 12, 1099 shortly after the capture of Jerusalem, and is often considered the last action of the First Crusade. The crusader army led by Godfrey of Bouillon defeated and drove off the numerically-superior Fatimid army, securing the safety of Jerusalem. The crusaders had negotiated with the Fatimids of Egypt during their march… (more…)

R356 road (Ireland)

TweetThe R356 road is a regional road in Ireland linking Killimor, County Galway with Cloghan, County Offaly. The road also travels through the towns of Eyrecourt and Banagher. At Banagher the road crosses the River Shannon via a seven arch bridge erected by the Commissioners for the Improvement of Navigation of the Shannon in 1841–1843. The road is approximately 32km… (more…)

L’Enfer et moi

TweetAmandine Bourgeois présentant elle-même et sa chanson L’Enfer et Moi Chansons représentant la France au Concours Eurovision de la chanson Echo (You and I) (2012) Moustache (2014) modifier L’Enfer et moi est une chanson interprétée par la chanteuse Amandine Bourgeois pour représenter la France au Concours Eurovision de la chanson de 2013 qui se déroulait à Malmö en Suède Oakley… (more…)

I Remember Babylon

Tweet”I Remember Babylon” is a science fiction short story by Arthur C. Clarke. It was first published in Playboy in May 1960, and reprinted in the 1962 collection Tales of Ten Worlds. The story takes the form of a non-fiction article by Clarke in which he warns the United States that the People’s Republic of China is planning to KELME… (more…)

Croats in Bolivia

TweetNorth America South America Oceania Croats in Bolivia are one of the main European ethnic groups in the South American country, although their figures are not as large as those of its neighbours. Croatian immigration to Bolivia was a migratory movement that traces its roots to the 19th century, which had some strong and important development in the history of… (more…)

School of Visual Concepts

TweetThe School of Visual Concepts in Seattle, Washington, is a vocational school training students and working professionals in the fields of graphic design, advertising art direction, advertising copywriting, web design, and marketing communications. Founded in 1971 by the husband-and-wife team of illustrators, Dick and Cherry Brown, the school’s teaching philosophy is based on the premise that working professionals Barbour Women… (more…)

Mix 94.5

TweetMIX 94.5 (official callsign 6MIX) is a commercial music radio station owned by Southern Cross Austereo in Perth, Western Australia. Despite sharing the ‘Mix’ callsign, it has no relation to the Mix stations in other Australian cities Belstaff Mens THE ROADMASTER JACKET In Signature 6 oz. Waxed Cotton Faded Olive BUY NOW $850.00 $450.00 . It is targeted to 25-… (more…)


TweetDas Gradientenverfahren, auch Verfahren des steilsten Abstiegs genannt, ist ein Verfahren, das in der Numerik eingesetzt wird, um allgemeine Optimierungsprobleme zu lösen Moncler Damen Daunen Mantel Gore-Tex Bequem Herisson Scarlet BUY NOW 1,158.00 230.00 . Dabei geht man (am Beispiel eines Minimierungsproblems) von einem Näherungswert aus. Von diesem schreitet man in Richtung des negativen Gradienten (der die Richtung des steilsten… (more…)

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